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Ron N Shoot (RNS) Sports, Inc also  provides Youth Travel Basketball.

Each year, we help hundreds of young players avoid pitfalls and build a foundation that prepares them for the next steps of their basketball journey.

As an organization, Up NEXT Basketball has nearly 5 years of experience preparing high school players for the next level. We've had over 25 of our high school alumni go on to play college basketball, including 10 at the NCAA Division I level and  15 at the NCAA Division 2 & 3 level.

Over the course of an Up NEXT's Season, players will: 1. Be taught offensive & defensive concepts that translate to higher levels of basketball. 2. Spend crucial practice time developing a real basketball skill-set. 3. Be challenged at their level of competition and held accountable by coaches who know what they're doing.

A player's youth basketball experience matters -- it sets the table for what's to come. High school coaches look for players who are skilled, know how to play within team concepts and want to compete.

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